A Trip To Blackpool

At the end of last week when my husband and I were off out gallivanting we ended up in Blackpool. We were on the motorway headed elsewhere but when we saw signs for Blackpool we had a change of plan. 

You can see people walking on the glass floor in this pic.
We quickly found a parking spot on the sea front and set off for a wander.

(This next bit is me having a moan) ... Within about 20 minutes of walking along the front, I was really peed off and was ready for home. We were constantly harassed. Being shouted to asking if we wanted a ride on a horse and carriage ( there are loads of those about ), have a go on a game, flyers being shoved at us every few minutes, beggars sitting against the litter bins and what really annoyed me was having my way blocked by a woman trying to sell me a lucky charm. All this is in the main stretch leading to some of the big attractions like Madame Tussauds and Sea Life Centre. We had to veer off down a side street just to get away from it. I can't put what my views of Blackpool were at this point because it included a lot of expletives. It certainly wasn't like this the last time I came to Blackpool but that was over 20 years ago.

After a walk around the town centre ( very busy, lots of good shops ) we headed to the sea front. This has all had a make over since I last came. It looks really tidy now, its a massive improvement.

We went on the Central and North pier then towards the Pleasure Beach. 

On the way we saw this car parked up and had to take some photos of it to show Caleb as he is car mad at the moment. I'm not in to cars myself but even I was impressed.

After grabbing a bag of doughnuts we headed for home. 
I think that we will return with Little L when the lights are switched on as it is something that she has never seen. As a day out for only myself and Anders? Maybe in another 20 years or so. 

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