Fairground Fun

Last Friday evening we had a couple of hours out with Little L at a fair which had arrived about five miles away. This one always arrives in time for May Day when the town has a parade on the Saturday. I don't know how long the fair has been coming but I remember going when I was small. We decided to go in the evening as Little L has never seen a fair lit up at night ( I always think fairgrounds look quite nice at night ) and if we went on the day of the parade parking would be a nightmare and the field by that time would resemble giant mud puddle.

Its a long time since I've been to a fair myself (over 20 years). The first thing that I noticed were the prices, you need a bank loan these days. £3 for a go on Hook A Duck ! ... and I thought that you could no longer win goldfish at fairs but there they were hanging in bags. Little L spotted them straight away but I didn't cave in and let her have one. 

There were some extremely high rides there. Nothing like these existed when I was a teenager. I think the highest rides used to be the Parachutes or the Big Wheel if one was there.

Little L seemed to be more drawn to trampolines and inflatables though she had a whale of a time on the Bumper Cars with her Dad chasing other cars.

She did ask to go on the Ghost Train a few times (there were 3 of these) but I didn't think that would be such a good idea as sometimes she gets scared of Scooby Doo episodes. They are my favourite rides though because of the art work and all the dangly spooky stuff hanging from them.
Little L had an "amazing time" (her words, everything tends to be amazing or awesome these days) but I'm not sure if that was solely due going to the fair or being out past her bed time.

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