Our 10th Wedding Anniversary

It's ten years ago today since Anders and I were married. Ten years sounds like a pretty long time but the years have gone by so quickly, it only seems like yesterday when we met. We've not done anything to celebrate today but Anders has tomorrow off work so we might be going out for the day.
My present from Anders was this ...

an Atari 2600. Not some thing everyone would appreciate I know but he knew I've wanted one for a while. I used to love playing on ours when I was a kid. My children had a good laugh at the graphics but still wanted to try it out. I'll have to get some sneaky practice in so I can beat them.

On a sadder note we got up this morning to discover that our chickens had gone. All that remained were a couple of tail feathers from our frizzle Pekin. No feathers off the other chickens, none in the garden at all. We don't know if someone has been in our garden and taken them or a fox has had them. I found out later on this evening that chickens had disappeared from another house two nights ago. Little L is distraught that they have gone and told us earlier that she'll never be happy again. Nothing that we say at the moment seems to be taking her mind off it. Hopefully after a sleep she will feel slightly better.


Scarlet said...

It sounds more like a theft than a fox. Not that I have any experience of fox attacks, but I thought they would leave more of a mess behind them, particularly as they have a reputation for killing on instinct and not just for food.
I hope Little L has something to feel happy about very soon.

Carol said...

Happy anniversary - and what a fabulous gift! I never played on one, but I do still have my old Game Cube, and still play it once in awhile.