Happy New Year

Happy New Year (a couple of days late I know). I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We did the same thing as always here. I run around like a headless chicken on Christmas Eve making sure all the usual housework has been done plus any cooking for the next day,etc. Little L loves helping to peel sprouts just as the boys did when they were small. I cook my turkey the night before Christmas so everyone tucked in to turkey sandwiches (besides my eldest boy who had a shift in the pub).
Christmas morning we were woken by cries of 'You're not going to believe this' right in my face. Little L had found her stocking in her bedroom. I can't even remember what time it was, it was so early in the morning. She actually got in bed with us and went back to sleep for an hour or so before going to wake her big brothers up. After opening the pressies left by Father Christmas and from under the tree, my parents and Gran arrived followed by my in laws. Its a bit hectic here on Christmas Day morning. As soon as our visitors have gone I make Christmas dinner. I didn't feel like a wanted a nap this year after dinner. I used to think eating all that food made me drowsy but I think its the wine. I'm not used to drinking it so when we have it at Christmas it knocks me out.

Boxing Day was spent at my parents where I feared for my eyesight when I saw their Christmas tree. They have put new lights on it this year and my eyes aren't great with bright lights anyway but it hurt to even look at that tree.
The night of the 27th December was spent at the hospital with my eldest boy. Shortly after 6pm we heard banging from upstairs which we assumed to be Little L using her bed as a trampoline until she came charging down the stairs telling us that her eldest brother was shaking on the floor and blood was coming from his mouth. We raced upstairs saw he was having a seizure and rang for an ambulance. We were told an ambulance was being sent but there was going to be a bit of a wait because they were busy. Over two hours later an ambulance arrived to take us to hospital where he had blood tests, an ECG and a brain scan. Nothing unusual showed up on the results so he is be referred to a neurologist. After four and a half hours in the hospital we could bring him home.He has never had a seizure before so it was very frightening for everyone. Little L was in the room with him when it happened. He was playing on his game console at the time and can't remember it happening but he said that he remembers that his eyes started going blurry and that he was struggling to concentrate. He said it had happened before but didn't think it was worth mentioning. We informed his boss at work (we knew he wouldn't say anything himself) mainly because I was concerned if it happened again while he was in the cellar. She said that she'd keep an eye on him and kindly arranged for a member of staff to give him a lift home after his shifts (he doesn't finish work until 1am, sometimes later). He's had a little shadow since it happened, Little L won't leave him alone. She wouldn't even go out with Anders the other day and he can't do anything without her tagging along. She wanted to stay in and keep her eye on her brother.
On the 28th we all went around to my in laws for tea where the boys seemed to be in competition as to who could eat the most. Anyone would think I never feed them.
Everything is almost back to the usual routine with people back to work, college and school. I just hope that my eldest boy hears about an appointment to see the neurologist soon.

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