I'm pleased to say that the bedroom we were decorating before Christmas is now finished  (well except for one thing). It took us more time to sort out the things that we wanted to keep than the actual decorating bit. Apart from the bed frame, carpet and curtains, everything has been replaced.
The light beige walls were painted duck egg blue. It took an age for us to decide on the shade we wanted. The testers we tried at first were either too blue, too green, too bright, etc. We ended up with the shade that we settled on by having a piece of duck egg blue wallpaper scanned.

The beech coloured furniture was replaced by plain white furniture. It's surprising how much more brighter and bigger it makes the room look just by replacing the furniture and changing the wall colour.

Anders made me these shelves at work for my cameras. Previously they had all been stored in cardboard boxes.

It wasn't until I first sat on the new mattress to put my socks on and my feet didn't reach the floor that I noticed it is slightly deeper than our last one. The new duvet set was bought from BHS in the Black Friday sale (it doesn't look quite as bright as this photo shows).

The old lampshade was replaced with this one which throws out considerably more light because of the open design. Looks quite pretty to have dancing light cast about the room too.

When sorting out what was going or staying in the room, I found this blanket which I had forgotten about. I did make it quite a while ago for this room using this dottie angel pattern.

This old dressing table was brought down from the loft.

 After they had been washed I saw that the curtains were in a terrible state. Very faded, stained, with quite a few holes. You can see on this photo how much the curtains had faded compared to the fabric which was covered by the glass top. This is the last thing that needs to be done in the bedroom, I just need to go fabric shopping.

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