Praktica Sport QT=ONE Camera

I've decided that I need to get on top of my camera films that need developing before starting any more so the end of last week I sent a couple of films off for processing and yesterday I received my prints back.
This first group of photos were taken with a Praktica Sport QT=ONE camera using an Agfa Vista Plus 200 film.

 I'd not used this camera before so I'm pleased to see that it works. It was purchased from Ebay, a lot of three camera for 99p. Looking at the photographs, most were taken last Summer.

These were taken when we had a wander around Chester.

I can't remember the name of this lake, it was nice though.
These next photos were taken with my Konica Pop camera using a LomoChrome Purple film. The film changes the natural colour of the image. Mine have but looking at other photographs taken using this film I think to get a brighter effect I may need brilliant sunshine something we rarely have here in the UK.

These were from a day out in Blackpool.

Some more from a day in Chester.
I usually use colour film but after this last lot of prints I definitely want to try out some different ones.
While I'm whittering away about photographs and camera stuff, I thought I'd share the book about Polaroids that I bought this week. 

It features creative ideas, displays (some of these ideas can easily be found on Pinterest or photography sites) and information about some of their camera's from classic to the present day, I never knew that their latest one was also a tablet.

The book was on sale for £3 from Urban Outfitters. I don't own any books about Polaroid so it will fit nicely with my other camera books. Its an OK book for £3 but I certainly wouldn't have paid the £12.99 cover price for it.

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