Crafty Catch Up

I've not really made much this month but I thought I'd share what I've been up to.

I used up lots of scrap bits of wool making this bag. I'd seen one like it over on Helen Philipps blog and loved the use of turquoise as the main colour.

I lined the inside and the strap then added some pom poms to the bottom.

Little L had seen a pom pom rug on Pinterest so we used more scrap wool to make lots of them. They need a good trim yet and we still have many more to make.

I started to make something with a shark on for Little L but I haven't quite finished that yet as I need to use a staple gun. My hands can't do it so I have to rope Anders in to help me with things like that.

I've sewn some small toys in to waterproof packets to leave in containers when we go Geocaching.

I had an odd request this week from a friend asking me if I could make a corset for a hat. It was to dress it up steampunk style. Having never made a corset before I had a go but the only object that I could find in our house with a similar shape was a plant pot. I never thought I'd be doing that when I woke up that day.

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