Pattern Making

Today I thought I'd share how I make my patterns for felt items and embroidery.

I usually start sketching using any notepad and pen that is closest to hand. (please excuse my drawing .. I'm no artist by any means). This one was done while looking at photos of Boston Terriers on the computer. 

I then scan this in to the pc and if I want to make to image larger or smaller I do this in Photoshop.

These are the original and re-sized versions.

As the outlines on the original were very sketchy and drawn using a Biro the larger copy looks quite faint so I draw around the outlines using a black fine-liner or Sharpie.

After going around the image with a pen, this copy is scanned then tidied up in Photoshop. It is then from this image that I make any templates for patterns or use for embroidery.
It seems like a bit of a long winded process but it actually doesn't take too much time to do.

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