On The Hunt

The weekend we tried out something different .. geocaching. It's not a new thing, it has been around for years but it was our first time giving it a go. You most likely know what it is but for anyone who hasn't heard of it, it is like a treasure hunt using GPS. At the spot is usually a waterproof container (these vary in size) containing a log book in which you write your geocache user name. You then place the container back in it's spot for the next person to find. Some of the containers hold small objects or toys which you can add to or swap.

We didn't have any luck at our first location which was at a park in our town. There happened to be a music festival on at the time that we didn't know about so we had Elvis tunes to aid our hunting. Little L was disgusted when she thought had found a piece of human skin .. turned out to be a piece of a nappy sack.
The next spot lead us to a cow field ... no chance was I wading through cow muck then chance being chasing by a herd so we gave that one a miss.
At another location we got nettled to bits so we'll have to return when the greenery has died off.

We were more successful next time and found a nano cache under a post box. 

The post box locations are probably the easiest and we have found this type of cache stuck underneath or at the back a couple of times.

We've only found one container with swaps in so far but didn't have anything with us at the time to add to it. Little L has lots of little toys that she hoards away so she plans to go through them and keep a small bag of them in the car just for geocache swaps. I suppose its one way to get her to agree to clearing some stuff out even if it is only by one key ring or bouncy ball at a time.

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