Hartley Homes

On our trip to Wycoller we noticed these house as we passed through Colne and stopped on our way back home to take some photos. I've never seen anything like them before but there maybe similar arrangements to these here and there around Britain.

The first thing we saw was the clock tower and thought we were approaching a church but instead it was this collection of quaint houses. There are 20 houses in all,10 either side of the clock tower.

I think that at one time this stone arch would have been the main entrance to the complex but this was padlocked.

The wooden plaques on the arch give information about the properties.

I found more information about these houses here. After reading more about them I found that one of the renovations was an added bedroom as the interior up until 1960-63 had a bed-sit arrangement. I think they look tiny now so it must have been a bit of a tight squeeze before the extension. 

This aerial view of Hartley Homes taken in 1934. The building next to the houses was a hospital and when we were driving past only managed to catch a quick glimpse of the front but I don't know how much of that building remains or what it is used for as it was mainly hidden by trees.

These homes are for local elderly residents. I thought they may have been when we first came across them but I don't know who these houses were originally intended for. I would love to live here if I lasted to an old age and even told my husband to start saving his pennies (but they are rented properties plus we're not in the area). To live here it must have a wonderful sense of community spirit, lovely waking to see the lawns and plants and feeling of safety living in closed complex.

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