Lotta Clogs

Ever since I first spied a pair of sandal type clogs a few years ago I've had a strong hankering for a pair so with money given to me for my birthday I jumped online for a spot of clog shopping.
The first brand that popped up when searching was Swedish Hasbeens. Their clogs are lovely, I really liked the designs and colours but they're not cheap. As I usually live in boots and trainers I can't justify spending what is to me a silly amount of money on a pair of shoes that I may hardly wear. 

I managed to find a less expensive brand, Lotta from Stockholm. They stock many colours and styles plus also sell seconds on their web site. I opted for an aubergine shade as I think that I'd wear a darker colour more often. That's the same reason I chose a closed toe style rather than an open toe.

As I don't wear shoes very often I was a bit worried that my feet would complain as soon as I put them on or blister but after a couple of hours trotting around the house they seem fine. The leather is very soft so they don't rub at all. 

I know clogs are not everybodies cup of tea, Little L said they were horrible and my sister agreed and told me that I was looking 'very Dutch'. Oh well, it's not the first time I've worn something that others have thought was hideous.

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