Art Deco Architecture

Yesterday we took a quick drive out to Sale so Anders could pick up a new guitar amp. Luckily I had put my camera in the car because we spotted some lovely Art Deco buildings on the way and stopped on the journey home to take some pics.

The first building we looked at was the Mecca bingo hall. Originally it was a Lido and the pool used to be covered to use as a dance floor.

The next building, The Pyramid Theatre opened in 1934. Since opening it has been an Odeon cinema, a nightclub and a fitness centre. I loved this building. Even through the garish paint you could still see hidden details. I found a lot of information about the theatre's design here.

Sourced From Cinema Treasures
While searching the internet about this building I found this old photo. Doesn't it look fabulous? ... it reminds me of old Hollywood films

I haven't found out what has been happening to the building after 2013. Looking at the dust it clearly hasn't been used for quite some time though. The main door was left gaping open and after popping my head inside for a quick nosey I saw that the next set of doors were also open. Little L was all for going inside to explore but there was no chance of that. Who knows who was inside there. I hope that whoever is in possession of the theatre sorts out the security before the interior gets vandalised.

So far I have not been able to find out anything about this building at all on the internet. Nothing at all, not even an old photograph. 

Just around the corner from the unknown building I spotted this detail above some shops.
What started off as what I thought to be a mundane trip turned out to be a great afternoon after all.

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