Folksy Friday - Storage Solutions

Little L has been on school holiday this week and she spent most of the days de-cluttering her bedroom. This was her own idea as she feels that she has outgrown a lot of her toys. She has done a good job too and manage to clear out 7 bags and one large tub of toys.  The stuff she no longer wants then gets passed on to our relations for their children and a children's hospice.  
The Folksy Friday theme this week is storage.

 Shelves are an invaluable means of storage in our house. These cloud shelves would look lovely in a nursery.

The Icon Workshop
I love this display shelf to store cars. Little L keeps her cars in a big bucket that used to store icing (my Mum used to work in a bakery)

This is a great way to display to display Lego figures 

Tatts Treasures
Drawstring bags come in useful for storing bits and bobs. Little L still uses one that I made for my oldest boy almost 20 years ago. I love the applique work on this one.

Pallet Earth
This wooden chest would be an ideal toy box or handy place to keep bedding.

Ruby Gingham
I like lovely nautical print on this fabric basket

I hope you liked this weeks selection.
Have a great weekend

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