Valentine's Day In Manchester

Anders managed to book Valentine's Day off work so we nipped in to Manchester. It's always a treat to go on our own because we like different parts of the city to the children. They would happily stay in the Arndale Centre all day while we tend to favor the Northern Quarter. I think that harks back to my younger days when I'd jump on a train most weekends just to go and rummage around Afflecks.
Opie was dropped off at my Mum's for a day of being spoilt rottten then we set off. It was spitting with rain when we arrived but I wasn't prepared for the bitterly cold wind, it was freezing.

Some street art that we spotted near the car park.

The first thing we did was look for a building which was used in a film (Habit) that we watched last year. I wanted a photo because you never know how long these old building will remain. 
Then we were off for a wander around.

In to the Empire Emporium to rummage through the vinyl and books.

I went in here to look for books but there was more porn than paperbacks.

Then off to Afflecks (I'll never get used to all those stairs)

I love this sculpture of Pan/faun from Pan's Labyrinth. It was created by local artist Lee Nolan using recycled rubbish from bins and skips. It was featured in an exhibition last year but now has a permanent home in Afflecks.

On the way by to the car I spotted this door, a bit of a gaudy colour and the graffiti does it no favours but the lion heads reminded me of the gargoyle door knockers from the film Labyrinth.

We had a great day even if we did get bit wet and windswept.


Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

I don't know Manchester at all, but I love all your photos - looks like you had a very full and lovely day. Elaine

Julia K Walton said...

I love the things you noticed and photographed on your day out! The papier mache figure is wonderful. A long time since I was in Manchester - but I remember a wonderful arts and crafts centre, a riverside cafe and a really good Chinese restaurant for dinner in the evening - happy memories!