Horror Film Embroidery

As you will know if you have read this blog for a while, I love horror films and books and recently I made a couple of embroideries inspired by this interest of mine. 

This first one features quotes and taglines along with a little picture to represent the film. It wasn't something that I planned out and just popped some calico in an embroidery hoop and penciled on the wording as I went along (this is why things are not evenly spaced)

I quite like the little shark and fangs but I should have made these a bit bigger to fill the space.

It was a fun trying to decide which pictures and quotes to use as I went along but if I were to make another I would make an embroidery pattern.

The next one I made is a dessert tub from the 80's film, The Stuff. 

Both have been covered with felt at the back.

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