Aches & Pains

I haven't been up to much craft wise lately because my right arm doesn't seem to want to let me. I have been having pains in it for years but only went to the doctors about it last year when it was getting too much.  I was then send to physio , who discharged me as they didn't actually know what was wrong. Then over Christmas my thumb started to hurt a little which I thought would go away on its own accord. It didn't and my hand started to swell. I still didn't go to see the doctors until a joint on my left thumb started to feel a bit weird ( it doesn't actually hurt, just doesn't feel right ) and that hand also began to swell. So I thought I had left things for long enough and paid the doctor a visit. He send me for blood tests ( which I'm having done this afternoon ) to test for arthritis. I don't know anything about arthritis but if it is that, I think its a bit odd to just start from nowhere. My hands were fine before Christmas and now its awkward to try and hold a needle. Anyway I should soon find out what the problem is.

These felt magnets were made this week to spruce up our fridge.

I hope we continue with the lovely weather we have here at the moment in the UK and hope you all have a great weekend x