Chicks First Week

The chicks have been with us a week today and I think they have grown quite a bit in that short space of time. They are losing some of their fluffiness and grown a few proper feathers on their wings. Little L's chick ( the black/yellow one ) has feathers which curl up away from its body so I hope it is a frizzle, They are really fluffy looking and remind me of feather dusters. One batch of eggs we bought were mixed with some frizzle eggs in it. The smallest one looked like it had been pecked at by the others so my sis told me to hang an old CD inside their house to distract them and it seems to have done the trick.

We usually get the chicks out after tea time then the boys and Little L can have a quick hold of them and the chicks get used to being handled. They don't seem scared at all as when I put my hand in with them they come straight over. Maybe chickens are just naturally nosey.

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