Turned Out Nice Again

Yesterday here was a scorcher and it looks as though it may be the same today.

The sky was a lovely blue littered with fluffy clouds

The children splashed about in Little L's padding pool

 while I sat on a blanket to finish these napkins and crochet Little L some more facecloths. She has developed a nasty little habit of throwing things down the toilet. Anything she can get her little hands on, facecloths being one of them.

The chicks had their first experience of being outside and Fluff, one of our bunnies was taking cover where ever he could find a bit shade. Fluff usually has the run of the garden all day as the first thing Little L does when she steps outside is open up his hutch. Its a good job he is very tame and easy to catch.
I'm off now to hunt out more washing and take advantage of this glorious drying weather because being where I am you never know when the sun will make another appearance like this.


Miss Val's Creations said...

This looks like a perfect summer day! Fluff is so cute. I just have wild rabbits in my yard! ~Val

Shell said...

It was extremely hot for this time of year but I was out there with the kiddies trying to get a bit of a tan on my milky white legs.
Fluff is a cute little man bunny. He hangs around people all the time so we have to be careful with our feet. Fluff was given to us by a friend who bought him for his son as a present and the novelty wore off so we took him in.