The One Eyed Monster

I must say that I'm not really into watching the TV, I find it a bit boring. Given the choice between owning either a television or stereo, I'd pick the stereo any day. I think its because I don't watch reality shows, talent shows or soaps so it really doesn't leave much besides the odd series which takes my fancy. What I do like watching though is food programmes. Some of my old favourites are Jamie Oliver and River Cottage programmes and lately I've found some great new ones.

One which all the family enjoy to watch is Choccywoccydoodah. Filmed at a Brighton based cake shop, all the cakes are decorated entirely with chocolate. Its amazing what can be created just using chocolate. My youngest lad now says he wants to be a chocolatier when he leaves school. I have bought chocolate as gifts for people from their web site and they have said it was gorgeous.
Another one which the family like to watch is Diners, Drive ins and Dives with Guy Fieri. I always feel like eating when I watch this though. Some of the recipes featured in the show can be found here.
I stumbled upon Grow Your Own Drugs last week. This programme shows how to make beauty treatments and natural remedies. After watching this I tried one of the recipes shown, Goji Berry Chicken Soup. This one is to help fight colds. Not that there was a sign of any sniffles in the house, I just thought it looked yummy and it was too. My husband said it was a very flavoursome soup so I'll definitely be making it again. I'd make larger quantities up if I knew it was fine to freeze it. Here's a very steaming photo of how it turned out.

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