Little L's Party Outfit

Little L will be going to her first Christmas party next week at her pre school so we went shopping for a party outfit. Now I know that there was no chance that she would choose a dress or skirt so that really only left us with top and leggings outfits to choose from. The outfit that she picked is not party-ish at all and no matter how I tried to swerve her towards something with embroidery or sparkle on it there was no changing her mind. Oh well, at least she will get more wear out of it than just once or twice over the holiday season.

The photo first top is more like the true colour as I took that one in the daytime.
The top was far too long for Little L and when she tried it on with boots her legs were not visible at all. Which she didn't like because it looked like a dress so I just cut off the bottom frill and hemmed it. From the fabric that I cut off the top, I made a hat, scarf and mittens for George, Little L's favourite doll which he has been wearing all weekend because apparently he is a bit feeling poorly.


Miss Val's Creations said...

It is adorable! I love what you did with the extra fabric. George looks handsome! This looks like a top that will be great for her all winter so you get your money's worth!

MelMel said...

Cute dress and what a great idea to use the left over bits for a dolly hat n scarf!