My Love Of Cuckoo Clocks

When I saw this cuckoo clock decoration posted on the Wild Olive blog, I had to make it.

I just love cuckoo clocks. My Gran still has one which my Grandad acquired during WW2 from an American soldier based over here at the time. He traded something for it but I have always thought it a bit odd that someone during that time would be carrying around a spare cuckoo clock.
Anyway I always loved that clock when I was little and every time I visited I used to ask them to wind it up as I did when I took Little L to see my Gran not long ago. My Grandparents never had it going all the time as the cuckoo used to drive them bonkers. The clock has now seen better days because at one point it took a tumble from the wall which resulted in a bit of the top snapping off which my gran glued back on and it doesn't keep the correct time any more but the music still works and the cuckoo and people continue to make their appearance. I still love it all the same.
There are more Christmas decoration patterns to choose from on the Wild Olive blog. Thank you for sharing Mollie.


amy said...

I love your cuckoo clock story! And that you can share something you loved as a child with your daughter now.

Miss Val's Creations said...

This is so fun! I love cuckoo clocks 2 but could never handle having one running my house! I completely understand why your grandparents did not keep their's running all the time.

Mollie. said...

This is the first time I've seen this finished! It came out so well, and I love your story!

Would it be okay with you if I add this to my Wild Olive Works board on Pinterest? (