Feeling Abit Off

My blog posts have been lacking lately due to feeling not quite myself. I did have a little debate with myself as to whether to ramble on about my aches and pains but I thought I'd explain my posts aren't as frequent.
 My hands are painful at the moment so that is limiting what I'm up to craft wise. I'm finding I can hardly do anything these days as they just seem to hurt with doing everyday things. I'm still going to physio and wearing whatever gloves and splints they give me to try and help.
 I also have been seeing a doctor with leg pains. It started almost four months ago with a pain at the top of my leg so I thought maybe I had pulled something and was trying anti imflamertries for a few months but when it didn't disappear and seemed to spread down my leg and cause me to limp I thought I'd better visit the doctors. She thought it may be nerve related and gave me some tablets. I took these for a month and by now my knee had started to swell. I went back yesterday and she said she doesn't know what it is and to take paracetamol. Well I can't take paracetamol indefinitely, still don't know what the problem is so I'll have to see another doctor to get to the bottom of things.
To top all that I started with a stinky cold. Anders took yesterday off work because it was our wedding anniversary and had bought me a camera for an anniversary present. The plan was to go out and take some snaps but I should know by now not to plan things as it rarely goes smoothly because I spent most of the day on the sofa, under a blanket with a box of tissues.

This camera cost £79 in the UK Lomography shop but I found mine in the sales section on Modcloth for $44.99, a massive saving. I was really pleased when I found it for that price.

On Saturday I made these cookies from a recipe I'd seen on A Spoonful Of Sugar blog. They were lovely, one recipe I'll definitely be using again.

Also at the weekend I made these little ewoks at the request of my son. As soon as my youngest boy saw these he asked if I would made him one then heard Little L piping up 'me too, me too'. Never mind she didn't know what he wanted, she does not like to feel left out.

The pattern for these can be found on the Wild Olive blog.

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amy said...

I'm sorry you've been feeling poorly. I know how difficult constant pain makes everything, and even harder when there's no reason anyone can say. I hope you get some answers soon.