Soaking Up The Sunshine

The weather here this week has been fantastic and after abit of nagging by the children I put the paddling pool up today ( I'm always slightly reluctant to fill the paddling pool only for it to rain the following day ).

Little L had a great time splashing about but after awhile was feeling a tad lonely on her own. She loves her brothers joining in with her even if its only to splash and jump all over them. My eldest boy couldn't join in even though he wanted to sit in and cool off. He broke his wrist on Monday at school playing football and he has to keep his cast dry.

It doesn't affect his school work much as they hardly seem to use pen and paper these days with most of the school work done on a computer. What he can't do at school is his favourite subject, PE. He's not to keen on just standing in the sidelines, watching everyone else.

Yesterday my sister was in the area and paid me a visit. While Jay was here she put these little doo dahs ( I can't remember what they are called ) on the chickies. The naughty things have started to eat their own eggs. The doo dahs stop them from pecking but they can still eat. We had already tried to put mustard filled eggs in with them to put them off. Initially they were put off by them then they ate those too. Also two of the chickies are broody at the moment so I bought some hatching eggs and popped them underneath them so hopefully we will have some new additions here soon.


bloody frida said...

hello I'm a new reader of your blog. Had to comment on this post re: the doo-dahs - I need some of those! My broody hen has been eating eggs lately - this may just do the trick. Thanks!!

Shell said...

@ bloody frida .. no pecked eggs as yet. The hatching didn't go too well. Only one hatched and I think may have been trampled by the broodies all trying to sit on the same eggs. I may have another try with eggs next year and try to separate the hens.