All Dolled Up

Little L recently acquired a new doll which needed kitting out with a wardrobe. It is an 18in girl type doll and while I have lots of patterns for baby and fashion dolls, most of which were ones that my mum used for mine and my sisters dolls, I had nothing to fit this kind. After nipping in to my local wool shop and finding none there I popped on to my favourite on line site for sourcing patterns, Ravelry. There are absolutely loads plus a lot of them were free and Little L had fun choosing which designs she liked.
The coat and hat pictured below are both free patterns.

The following two designs are from patterns which I bought off Ravelry and both are designed by member Jacknitss.

While searching the internet for this type of doll I came across this site, A Doll For All Seasons , full of clothes and accessories ideas to make for a little girls friend.


Donna Peterson Neff said...

Thanks so much for the link to my blog!

Shell said...

You're welcome Donna :)
You have some great stuff on there .. I especially liked all the outfits that you made from one item