The Growing Wool Stash

My sister's mother in law, Christine gave me some more wool that she no longer wanted. The three largest balls were this loopy type which is usually used to make ruffle scarfs.

As I haven't used it before I had to do a quick search of how to knit with it on the internet and found loads of tutorials on You Tube ( I'm not too keen on using this site though as it tends to make my pc freeze up )

I found the wool knits up really fast and is easy to use. The first scarf is finished and been sent back to Christine.

Also this week the sewing machine has been in use to make a half apron for Little L

and a peg bag made with a tea towel.

This morning Little L went to a Jubilee party at her play group. While we were there a teacher from the High School ( the play group is joined to the High School )nipped over with a surprise for the children. Someone had fetched in an Olympic torch to show the high school students so he came to show it to the little ones. The play group children didn't bat an eyelid and carried on munching on the sausage rolls and crisps. The parents had the torch passed along and it wasn't as heavy as I thought it would be.
It would have be great to have some photos of the party but we generally aren't allowed to take snaps in case somebody else's child is in them.

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