New Family Members

Today we gained two more family members. Little L's bunnies, Honey and Pippin.

Little L had been asking for another rabbit since Fluff died last year and her requests have been increasing lately. Plus we seem to be ganged up against by my mum in law and an elderly neighbour to give in and buy her a rabbit. Little L has mentioned her longing for a bunny at her pre school and one of the ladies who run the school knew someone who needed to find a home for rabbits. We went just to have a look yesterday, chose two and picked them up at lunch time today. They were born in January and are Rex cross Lop Eared rabbits. Both are friendly and easy to handle which is what I need for Little L.
The Pekins hatching eggs didn't go too well. Only one egg from the six hatched and that died. I don't know if it had been trampled on due to all the chickens being broody and all trying to sit on the eggs. I can't wait for them to get back to their usual selves and start pecking about in the garden.

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