A Day At The Farm

Little L went her first school trip yesterday to Stockley Farm with the pre school which she attends. The parents were quite welcome to go on the visit so I happily tagged along.
 Before we saw any animal we were taken on a tractor and trailer ride which Little L wasn't at all impressed with. I don't know if it was the fact we sat on hay bails or that the ride was a bit bumpy.

The first animals we were shown were goats and sheep which the children could feed. Little L loved this and kept giggling because she said it was tickley.

Then on to some pigs where children could throw food to these. Little L didn't like these at all because they were too stinky.

Next they fed the chickens before playing in the outdoor play area. One of my friends commented that you could tell she has brothers as she is a bit of a dare devil.
In the afternoon they were shown the cows, horses and birds of prey and played in the indoor play area but the highlight of the afternoon for Little L was when a lamb and kid were fed a bottle of milk by the children. She thought it was hilarious when she saw a lamb leaping about.
Little L was worn out so she had forty winks on the way home which some of her little friends thought funny. After her day at the farm we have another person in the house who loves goats. My eldest boy loved them when he was little and I found a story book about a goat last night which was his so he passed it to Little L and she looked at goat pictures until she drifted off. I think me and the children will have to gang up on my husband until he gives in and lets us have some of our own.

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TracyMB @ Crows Feet Chic said...

So cute! I loved going on farm field trips with my DD... four years ago seems like a long time since we've bottle fed lambs. :) Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new birdhouse! I knew I recognized your blog title, but it took me a minute to remember... your crochet edging got me going on my boat towels!


Thank you again for that! :)