Vintage Stitchy Contest

The Flickr group, New Embroidery with Vintage Patterns is currently holding a contest. I first heard of this via the feeling stitchy blog and popped over to the group for a nosey. There are three categories in the contest, Summer Theme, Modified Pattern and One Pattern, Many Stitchers. The pattern for the last category was supplied by doe-c-doe and can be found along with all the information regarding the contest here.

I used the pattern supplied as I thought it was cute and would look good on a tea towel. As I started to stitch, Little L sat with me and asked if she could have it. She seemed to take a shine to the design (I think it's due to the smiley faces).

I then added the felt and thought that as I have more of the same tea towels ( cheap ones from IKEA ) that I could maybe turn it into a half apron for her.


amy said...

Very cute! Good to know, Ikea has good tea towels for embroidery. I don't often get there but next time I do I'll pick some up. The ones I got at Target were awful for embroidery!

Star said...

What a cute towel towel! You make me feel inspired to embroider my own tea towel. :) Hey, great work. --Star