A Day Of Baking

When I woke up today the weather didn't look too promising so I thought both me and Little L would be trapped in the house all day. Being in a fidgety mood I thought that I'd make vegetable soup for lunch, Little L's favourite and another of her favourites, cheese scones. Cheese scones don't last long in this house as my youngest boy and Little L eat the lot usually before my husband knows that I have made any.

Little L asked if we could do some baking this afternoon and she wanted to make something which my eldest boy would eat. He is pretty fussy at the moment compared to my two other children and won't touch anything with oats or fruit in. We ended up making sponge cakes with chocolate chips, apricot oaty biscuits and a pear and chocolate upside down cake. As the afternoon wore on, the sun came out and the temperature soared it didn't seem such a great idea to be standing in front of a red hot oven. At least I'm out of there now until everyone arrives home and needs feeding that is.

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