Just some wip's that I'm working on at the moment.

A knitted teacosy using a pattern which I found on Ravelry,

a multi coloured crochet blanket using oddments of wool

and an embroidery using a pattern found on the feeling stitchy site.

Another wip is my hair. I began the week with long curly hair and booked an appointment for a quick trim. I always stress to hairdressers not too go berserk with the scissors as even with a small amount cut off, my hair tends to bounce up alot. Well my hair was absolutely butchered. Its not just the amount that the hairdresser cut off, I seem to have chunks missing here and there. My hair is parted in the middle and one side is about 3ins longer than the other. Theres no way I can disguise this hideous hair so I have made an appointment at a different hairdressers for next week. I think that the only way I will be able to sort the mess out though is to have a short hairstyle which I'm not too happy about at the moment but at least it won't have random chunks missing.


amy said...

No wonder you left that comment about my hair!! I haven't had mine professionally cut since August 2009. Seriously. When the ends look yucky I just trim them myself. I've had those bad experiences too (although that's not why I stopped going, that's a longer story). I hope it grows back quickly for you!

Ester Durães said...

wow you're super talented! I specially like the blanket, it looks super colourful, keep it up! :)