Birthday Girl

Little L celebrated her 6th birthday at the weekend. Before hand we asked what she wanted to do and this year she asked to go to a beach with 2p machines (arcades). The closest beach to us with plenty of arcades is Rhyl which takes a little over an hour by car to reach.

First we visited the Sea Life Aquarium ( I used my Tesco coupons to exchange for vouchers so it didn't really cost to enter ).To be honest Little L didn't seem to particularly like the aquarium. She just took a quick glimpse in to a tank then swiftly moved on to the next. Maybe everything was a bit too slow moving for her. They had set up a room called phobias containing tanks holding rats, giant millipedes, spiders, etc. She appeared to be fine at first until she saw the spider after that she told us that it was scaring her and wanted to leave.

We walked around the arcades for a while where Little L managed to win a couple of cars and keyrings from the 2p machines then on to the beach for a bit of shell collecting and building.The busy day must have worn her out because she slept all the way home.
Craftwise I've managed to make couple of things this week for Little L's doll. I made two simple nighties ( every time I try to put the photo on here it  turns on its side for some reason ) and finished off this outfit.

The pattern I used is a Daisy May pattern which I purchased off Ebay.

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