Chester Mid Summer Watch Parade

Yesterday on a day out to Chester we were fortunate to witness something rather unexpected, the Chester's Mid Summer Watch Parade. It was unexpected to us at least and not to the many people who had turned up especially to watch the event. Our trip was to buy a dressing up costume and school socks for Little L and then while we were going to take her to the museum. Just after lunch time I popped into Tescos for something to feed my hungry lot on then went to find a spot to sit. We went walked through a part we had never been before and noticed some people walking on and off a field wearing costumes and face paint. I thought maybe there was a Summer Fair or festival taking place so I took some steps leading to one of the walls for better look. The field was full of people in groups wearing a variety of costumes, devils, green men, crows, suns, fish. Luckily I had my camera because we were meant to be going to the museum. I would have kicked myself if I didn't have it with me with all this going on.

We must have watched them getting ready ( what for I didn't know at this point )for about half an hour. Plenty of other people had gathered by this point so I wasn't they only nosey one around. When they began the exit the field Little L wanted to know what they were doing and I said we could follow them. Little L had never seen a parade before so it was really exciting for her. One of the ladies who was in the group of suns asked Little L if she wanted to join them which I thought of very nice of her but Little L was too shy. She was fascinated by the green men but when one came near to her to shake her hand, she squealed and backed into a hedge. I think she liked them but at a distance. The town centre was very busy by now but we managed to find a good spot to watch the parade.


We had a fantastic day and will go especially for the event next year. When we got home I looked into this parade ( I love the internet for this kind of thing ) and they also have one in Winter. This link gives some more history about the parade.


Carol said...

How wonderful that you fell into this event, Shell! I'm so glad you had your camera, too.

Shell said...

It was so glad that I happened to have my camera on me this time Carol . There have been a couple of occasions when it certainly would have come in handy. You just never know what you will see when out and about.