The Sparrow Chick Rescue

Early on this evening my eldest boy found these two sparrow chicks in a grid at the side of our house. They must have fallen from their nest in the eaves. I'm surprised they lived at all falling from that height but they were certainly lively, cheeping with their beaks open ready to be fed.

I rang the RSPCA for advice on what we should do with the chicks and was told by the automated doo dah that we should contact a local vet who would then take them in so that is what we did. It all made a pretty exciting tea time for Little L.

This week we were visited twice by this little fella. We've not spotted a hedgehog in own garden for years. He made his appearance in broad daylight at around 4pm on both occasions which I thought was a bit unusual for a hedgehog. I've only ever seen them at night before. The chickens snuck up on him both times, just for a nosey but they scared him so he froze on the spot for a while then slowly crept under the hedge. It is the first time Little L has ever seen one so she now keeps her eyes open for her prickly friend.

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Carol said...

I'm surprised that the chickens went up to the hedgehog! Brave hens.