Pottering In The Garden

Our weekend was spent mainly doing bits around the garden. 
There was a tree in the front garden which was planted in between our house and our neighbours. Our neighbours asked if they could chop it down as it was dropping sap in to their cars. We didn't mind. I don't know what type of tree it was, it wasn't the prettiest, no birds nested in it and it saves us raking up the leaves and would also give us a bit more light in the living room. 

So Saturday morning Anders and the man next door set about the tree with a chain saw. Little L helped by cutting the branches up for their log burner. One of our shrubs ended up being a casualty of the tree felling (fortunately it was one of our plants that got squished and not one of their cars) but the lady next door works at a nursery and said she'd bring us one to replace it. She turned up in the evening with these three for us.

On Sunday we went plant shopping for the pots that we have in the front garden.


Cape Marigold

English Daisy

We also bought an elephant ear plant and some pinks to fill in a couple of bare spots.

All the activity attracted a blackbird looking for lunch. She must have young near by because she kept filling her beak with juicy worms, flying off and coming back for more.

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