Back again with more cakes!

Hiya guys!! I'm back again! I've been away for far too long so I decided I'd do a compilation kind of blog and update you with all the things I've been baking and all my grand plans for the future! :D

First off a fair few months ago I made rainbow cupcakes with Little L at my house! And even though she kept telling me I'd put enough flour in, despite the fact it needed much more, we persevered and managed to make some edible rainbow cakes! Even if Little L did only want to eat the butter-cream sky and clouds!

Already to go in the oven!

The blue butter-cream is the sky and the white butter-cream is clouds! 

Little L packing up the Rainbow cakes ready to go back home.

Bye Bye cakeys!!

Ok, maybe just one for me.. hehe!
Yummy! These went down a treat at school! I had people arguing over them and begging me to bake more :D

My next endeavor into the crazy world of cupcakes were "Sweeney Todd Surprise" cupcakes! The deliciously creepy creations were made from vanilla cake, marzipan, butter-cream and raspberry sauce! Yum Yum!
Lots of evil little creations! 
It might look hellish, but it tastes heavenly!
 Next up in this barrage of information, is a giant cake for a Halloween cake competition, and I won!
Everything you see is edible!!
Stay with me guys I'm almost done! The next cake I made was a birthday cake for one of our beloved beaters George, who always fetched me a new paper clipping everytime I saw him, so I made this for him and all the other beaters.
Next up is my gorgeous baby cousin Celyns first birthday cake! Which was only last month, so Happy belated Birthday little 'un!
and last but not least are the cakes I made in the last few days so here they are!
Strawberry Shortcake!

Awh :'3

Mmm nice fresh victoria sponge!

Super zesty lemon meringue cupcakes!
Thanks for hanging in there guys! I know I blagged the blog! But anyway tell me what you think! and if you'd like to try any of these, tell me in the comments as I'm hoping to set up my own website to sell cupcakes! Hope you enjoyed :) 

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