Little L's Tiny Bed

Little L has a couple of 5in baby dolls and she said they needed a bed to sleep in. While I was thinking of a mini baby size box, my husband said he was sure there would be some suitable scraps of wood at work for him to make a bed.

Little L requested a double bed and this is what he made using 6mm ply wood. ( It amazes me how much wood just get thrown away where my husband works. Surely it could be of some use to someone ).

The mattress is a piece of wadding, doubled and covered with calico. I had already knitted the blanket for something else. The sheets and pillow were made from an old cot sheet which was used in my eldest son's cot. He will be turning 15 at the end of the year so that just shows how long I hang on to things. After a quick coat of left over paint from the shed, it was ready for Little L to play with.


Kate said...

Isn't that precious!!!!

amy said...

Oh, that's fantastic, even better because it's handmade. I had a handmade cradle for my dolls when I was a girl but I have no idea whatever happened to it.