Trio Of Foxes

Yesterday I saw a post on A Beautiful Mess blog of a plush fox and thought I'll add it to my 'to do list', as I do with so many things I see and never seem to actually get round to them. The only thing planned for today was housework. I took a look around at the bits on the carpet, the toys which needed putting away, the pots in the sink and thought it could all wait awhile, I'd do it all later. I even asked Little L what she thought and she agreed we should make foxes instead.

My foxes measure 11in from the bottom to the tip of the ear so not as large as the ones featured in the tutorial. Little L had first choice, one has gone home with my Mum and I'm keeping one for now.
Anyway I better go and finish the housework so it looks as if I have done something in the house today.

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amy said...

This is why my bathroom was in dire need of cleaning by last weekend. The weather was so beautiful, there were so many other more worthwhile things to do. I thoroughly concur with your priorities!! And adorable foxes, too.