My youngest son recently got in to reading comics. I think it must be the art work that draws him to them because while he will sit and draw for hours there is no chance he will sit and read a book of his own accord. I'm glad one of the children has got in to comics really as I kept a box of mine just in case so I can pass them on.
 At the weekend I made him this hoop framed picture of his favourite comic character, Lenore.

Animations of Lenore and information can be found on Roman Dirge's (Lenore's creator) Spookyland  site


amy said...

That's great! You just whipped that up in a weekend!? Wow!

Shell said...

I only made it so fast because it is mainly made of felt and it isn't very detailed. Not like the trees you have been stitching .. they would take me ages!

twiginwater said...

Wow! I love the way you added the skulls on her hair. I had never heard of this comic before. Thanks for sharing.