Vintage Style Photo

As soon as I read this tutorial on taking a vintage style photo on the A Beautiful Mess blog I had to give it a go. I have a few vintage cameras, all in working order so when it's a nice day I take one of those out as well as my digital camera.

I used my Kodak Reflex today as I needed a camera with a waist level viewfinder. This camera cost me about £4 and it wasn't too difficult to find a film for it. I still have a few more shots left on it so what I'm dreading is the cost of developing it when I'm finished.

I dragged out some of a couple of my old toys to take the pics.

My squeaky orange hippo, Georgie, who was a present from one of my aunties when I was born so he's getting on abit

and Ted, who I have had since I was about 8 years old. He's looking a bit worse for wear now and one of his legs has fallen off a few times and had to be sewn back on but I think he'll be OK as long as I don't start taking him to bed again.

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