A Nice Little Break - Llandudno Pt 1

This weekend my husband and I enjoyed a nice kiddie free couple of days in Llandudno, North Wales. This happens very rarely and we know that the children are safe, sound and probably being spoilt rotten by both sets of grandparents so we love it when the opportunity arises to get away. We traveled by train and stayed in a lovely Victorian B & B.

I love this porch on the front of one of the houses on the way to our B & B with all the little nik nak's and plants on display 

Our first stop was the pier which is the longest in Wales. I love piers, the ornate ironwork and buildings, the sounds coming from the arcades and smell of foods that I associate with the seaside. Having said that I also have a little niggling fear that they will collapse the moment I step on them ( I'm the same with bridges ) and I found out this afternoon that my mum in law feels the same, must be a pretty common irrational fear then.

Back to the pier and seaside food. I have a couple of things which I only eat when I'm at the seaside even though they are readily available in any supermarket (or fishmongers for one of my seaside favs ) . The first one is cockles and can you believe there was nowhere selling seafood, at this seafront ?. I just think that is really odd. My other seaside food is doughnuts and this is because I think they are tasty hot, still have to knock about a bag of sugar off them as I don't  like sugar but they are still scrummy.

The weather was sweltering in the afternoon and the pier busy which means more food around and more of these things - the flying rats.

They were everywhere, swooping low and snatching peoples food. Actually I don't know if I was more scared of one pinching my hotdog or unloading on me, I wasn't keen on them all the same.

After the pier we headed towards the town centre where I took photos of this column. 

Made from steel, stone and bronze. 

All the designs depict scenes from Llandudno's history.

Then to the beach for a stroll in the sunset.

 Ok maybe in my case it was more like trying to work my way through an obstacle course. Its a pebbly beach so I was giggling away slipping and sliding every time I moved.

The arcades next which meant back to the pier. The only machines we ever go on are the soft toy grabbing ones and we came home with 2 cuddlies .

Next it was fish and chips on the promenade ( keeping one eye on watch for the flying rats because the things never seem to sleep ) where we could see there was still a small group of children paddling, with parents near by I should say as it was 11:30pm by now then we heading to our bed for the night.


Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fun getaway! The B & B looks so charming! The flying rats cracked me up. Seagulls are such gross birds! I always go for the sweet stuff seaside like fried dough or cotton candy. Mmmmm! ~Val

Shell said...

The flying rats were getting a bit crafty. A shop keeper told us that they hit people on the head so that they drop their food then they swoop in and grab it. Nasty things.