The Big ' 4 0 '

Today I reached the big '4 0'.
I had a bit of a stress about my age when I was around 35, thinking once I'm past this point I'm heading out of my 30's, examining my face for new wrinkles and looking for new grey hairs but everybody ages, I'm never going to look as I did at 20 again so its not worth worrying about.
My husband booked the day off work and I had visits from my parents, sis, niece and nephew. My niece made me some yummy cakes though Little L ate most of them and I must admit Chelsea's cakes are gorgeous and taste better than mine. I was spoilt rotten and was given some fantastic gifts. My sis bought me a real star in the constellation Leo which is my star sign. I've just got to spot it now and with my failing eyesight its not going to an easy feat. 
I've had a fantastic day. I think that I quite like being 40 and four is my favourite number too so when 44 comes along it will be doubly great.

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