A Nice Little Break - Llandudno Pt 2

On our second day in Llandudno the first thing we did was a bit of shopping in the town where I managed to bag some bargains in the sales.

Next we went to the Great Orme.

We traveled to the top by tram. 

It was the first time either of us had been in one.The views were great and there were some lovely quaint cottages along the way. I kept my eyes open for the Kashmiri goats which roam the Great Orme but only managed to see a few from a distance.

When we reached the top we saw that the queues to return to the bottom by cable car were quite lengthy. Now even though I'm really scared of heights I did have a bit of a think whether to travel back by cable car or not but it would turn in to one of my ' seems a good idea at the time ' times. I've never been on one before that is why I even contemplated the idea in the first place but then I got to thinking once I was actually on one I might cry, scream, pee my pants or all three so I gave it a miss even though my husband was saying it won't be that bad and I wouldn't have to hang off one like James Bond.

I've seen some great photos taken from the top but the day we were there it was a bit overcast so my pics aren't so good. We walked down to Saint Tudno's Church which was kind of hard going because I was wearing flip flops. I was doing a lot of oohing and trying not to slip and knock my husbands legs from under him like a skittle. When we had almost reached the church my legs began to feel jellified and wobbly. I was telling my husband this and started to say that I felt like .... he piped up ' what a geriatric ?' ( such a charmer, isn't he ).. what I was going to say is a jelly baby or Mr Soft (from the old soft mint ad). 

I love the architecture of churches and the carving on old tombstones but graveyards give me the heebie jeebies. I have never be keen on the places but when I was little I was in a graveyard to put flowers on a relative's grave and some of the old graves covered in gravel had started to crack and cave in. One of my uncles who I was with at the time turned and said ' Hey up, someone tried to get out last night '. 

So when my husband said,' safety from what exactly ?' regarding this sign on the church yard gate that set my jitters off which doesn't take much coupled with my lively imagination and the fact I'm reading Zombie Apocalypse at the moment.

Never seen one of these before. It is where outdoor sermons are held.
After scaring myself enough for one day which was helped considerably by my lovely husband comparing all the jackdaws (and there were loads of them ) to the ravens in the film 'The Omen' , I was ready to move sharpish.

Looking back to the summit I didn't fancy attempting the climb back up in flip flops just to get a tram back down. My legs and slopes are not the best of friends and I had visions of me grabbing little tufts of grass just to drag myself up it so I suggested to walk down.

We walked down till we reached the Marine Drive road. It was a nice walk along the coast where I stopped now and again to take photos of flowers and my husband seemed to be being attacked by some red flying ant type bug. He was wearing a white top so I think that was attracting them. Whilst walking along the path now and again he would tell me to look up at a bird or plant and it made me go all woozy. I started swaying on the spot and as we were on a cliff edge with what I would say is a short wall, I told him to not tell me to look at anything as my jelly legs and weird woozy head would make me take a nose dive onto to the rocks below.

When we were almost on flat ground we walked through the edge of Happy Valley. We didn't explore it but my in laws have been to the gardens and say there are some lovely wooden carvings depicting Alice In Wonderland characters.
Anyway that was enough trekking about for me for one day and I think I did well considering my footwear.  I did comment to my hubbie that maybe I should invest in some rambling boots for our next excursion as its not the first time with him that I have walked a hill / mountain in flip flops. The last time he took me traipsing up and down a hill / mountain wearing the same unsuitable footwear, the path was littering with signs 'WARNING - Be Ware Of Adders'
Home the next day and back to the kiddies who I missed enormously.  

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Mary Ruthrina said...

That is such a great place to visit. Isn't it too late for a last minute holiday cottage pembrokeshire? I hope not.