A Blurry Snap

Yesterday the weather here was a bit dismal. The boys managed an hour of fishing before the rain forced them to return home but they did catch two little tiddlers so they were still pleased with themselves.
In the afternoon Little L was having her nap while I was blog reading and found these tips on self portraits Now I really hate having my photo taken. My most recent one was taken when Little L was about three months old so I thought while we were kept prisoner due to the weather I'd have a go at snapping myself. 
The biggest issue was lack of light. This house is pretty dark anyway and the sky being so overcast didn't help so I tried snaps in three rooms. Another thing is I must shake a lot when holding my camera out at arms length because my photos were really blurry plus I don't seem to have any idea of where my face is. I had quite a few pics of a blurry eye and if I was lucky a bit of nose.

I was happily keeping myself entertained when poof .. the batteries in my camera died. This is the best blurry pic which was taken. I'll have to have another go some other time. Maybe by then I can figure out where my face is.

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