A Day Out To Chester

Today we all jumped on a train and spent the day in Chester. Though we have been on numerous occasions to shop I realised that the children had not seen anything else in the area so the day was spent mainly having a nice wander around.

Our first stop was Grosvenor Park which was only a 10 minute walk from the train station. It has a miniature railway which we all went on plus a mini tram on a short length of track just for Little L size people. We had a hard time trying to convince her to get out of it.

We took a picnic with us which we ate sitting next to the pond so we got mobbed by ducks and moorhens.

The first thing we noticed on entering the park were the number of squirrels running around and how tame they were. 

They just kept running up to us so my husband and the boys started feeding them some acorns then we noticed at a shop in the park that they were selling bags of nuts for the squirrels. That explained why they run up to people and wait. They must be the best fed squirrels in the area. 

After the park we heading to these ruins so I could take some snaps.

There were quite a few others there armed with cameras, snapping away.

The children found this extremely boring so we then went for a stroll along the river and fed more ducks

Then we quick wander in the town centre and a couple of shops. Little L was becoming tired and niggley so we headed off back to the train station and home.

We timed the return trip just right because as soon as we arrived home the rain started and looking out at the moment it looks as though it will be here for the evening.


Miss Val's Creations said...

What a fun trip! The trains are so cute! I was wondering why that first squirrel looked so plump. Being fed all day exlains that! ~Val

Shell said...

When the first one ran up to us I was a bit wary in case it was getting ready to attack. I always thought they could be a bit nasty but these ones were friendly enough.

amy said...

My daughter would love that mini tram, too! She adores her train set.

I did the same thing, matching my floss colors to the fabric for the August stitch-a-long, and then I saw others using contrasting floss--it never occurred to me! I have a lot to learn with embroidery. But I think yours looks great.