As Good As New

Yesterday I spent some time mending and altering one of my dresses. It is one that I have had for a couple of years but have only worn once as I ruined it the first time it was washed. 

After washing it by hand I threw it in the washer on a spin cycle and when it had finished all the buttons had been ripped off leaving holes down the front. They must have got caught in the holes on the washer drum as it was the only garment in there.

I used a strip of black grosgrain ribbon to cover the holes. (This can't be seen when it is buttoned up)

These gold buttons were the original ones on the dress but I replaced them with some flat black ones so hopefully I won't have a repercussion of the spinner incident.

I wasn't too keen on the sleeves so I unpicked those from the dress,  took the side seams in slightly then sewed a narrow double fold hem around the arm hole.

All I need now is a bit of sun shine.

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