Libbie Club - May Box

May's Libbie Club box arrived this week.

These are the three products that I've tested this month.

James Read Tan 
This is a transparent gradual spray tan. I've never used any kind of fake tan products in the past so I was a bit wary of trying it. My Mum in law (who has been using them for years) has been urging me to give them a go so with a bit of advice from her I tried it out on my legs. It was easy to apply even for a novice like myself and made no mess at all. I was pleased with the results and may actually be a fake tan convert.

Girl Meets Brush
A brand of make up brushes found by celebrity make up artist, Lynne Mills. I received a powder brush in my box which I was very pleased about as I've just thrown one of mine away due to it feeling a bit hard and stabby (it never felt right after I'd cleaned it). This one is a lovely soft, dense brush.

Chin Up 
This is non surgical face lift kit claims to shrink double chins, jowls and loose skin. The kit includes a tape measure, face masks and an elastic strap. A mask is applied to the bottom of your face then kept in place using the strap for 30 minutes. 
I'd love to say that I liked this product but unfortunately I didn't. I was expecting a tingling and warm feeling to the skin but what I experienced felt more like a burning sensation. I had to check under the strap to see if it was causing any skin reaction. After 20 minutes I had to remove it so I saw no results from using this.

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