Crochet Cover

This week I crocheted a simple slip on cover for one of the small stools that we have here. 

They were at my Grans house for years and when I was young I remember them being covered in a fine needlecord fabric, forest green with a ditsy flowers. When I was little my feet could not touch the ground when I sat on them so I used to drag them to one of the living room walls, scuffle my bottom on and lean on the wall. My Dad told me that my Grandparents acquired them when a pub up the road was being refurbished and he always remembers them being there so I don't know how old they are.
My Gran passed them on to my Mum who owned them for a few years then they were passed to me. During my Mum's ownership she reupholstered one of them.

 My Gran made the tapestry cover on the other sometime during the 80's and it badly wants sorting out but I'm not sure what fabric to use yet. 

This is why I wanted to make a cover, just to make it look a bit prettier for the time being (not that I will be seen as my husband uses it to dump his clothes on)

Anders offered to sand and stain the legs but I kind of like them looking battered and worn, they have always looked this way to me.

I crocheted the cover using two strands of DK wool and a 6mm hook. The pattern I used was this one from Dottie Angel's site.


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

Love the new update to your stool, if only I could crochet!

Victoria x

Shell said...

Thanks Victoria. It does need sorting out properly through. The foam is as flat as a pancake x