Doily Dream Catcher

I started to make this dream catcher quite a while ago after the outer ring of one of my embroidery hoops broke. The attachment for the screw completely split away from the wood but I kept the inner ring in case I could find a use for it. I'd seen lots of dream catchers on Pinterest using lace or doilies in the centre so I thought I'd try to make my own. 

 I gathered up some scraps of lace and ribbons,some fabric to cover the hoop and a doily ( I crocheted mine as I could not find one the right size to fit the hoop )

I cut some fabric in to strips, mine measured a little over an inch, and began to wrap around the hoop. The ends and any fabric joins were secured using a hot glue gun. During the wrapping my fabric began to fray slightly so I snipped off the threads.

Using crochet cotton I weaved through the edge of the doily and around the hoop. When I reached the end tied the cotton in a knot.

I then threaded the oddments of ribbon and lace through the bottom of the hoop. I also crocheted some chains, threading beads randomly as I went along and added some small tassels to the ends.
All finished.

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