Boston Terrier Cushion

This is the latest cushion that I have finished. It was going to be another rabbit one but I started again and chose the boston terrier as it is my favourite breed of dog.

The floral fabric was from the kidney shaped dressing table that I re-covered. This piece was underneath the glass top so wasn't faded or stained like the curtains. Being restricted to the fabric size, this cushion is slightly smaller than others I have made and measures approximately 12" x 12".

It was very quick to put together once I'd made a template but I spent a lot of time faffing around with the eyes. I had them closed then completely round before sewing them like this.

After looking at it for a week I decided to stitch around them with some white embroidery thread. 
Some of the changes I'd make to this if I were to start again are to reduce the size of the ears and make the face symmetrical. I think this is going to be one of my projects that I might hide away then take a look at in a couple of months to see if it has grown on me .. it sometimes works.